Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#KollegePawty Prizes Post

Prize donations are already coming in for #KollegePawty!  Donors include our dear friend @ChrisGroove1, and @Whskr who is helping organise the pawty. Let me show you some of our our featured prizes .......

A $25 voucher to StuffbySkeetersMom
and more!!

Super Cute Harness Jacket Med. 4 (dog or cat)

Two Fashion Forward Bandanas (velcro)

Sparkling Diamante Collar Charm and Barettes

Super Fun Retro  Doggy (or humaan!) Hair Bow Set

Sparkling Canine Bows with Polka Dots, Diamante
(rubber band fastener)

Tomboy Toy - Sport Themed Doggy Bows 

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